Of Fiancees and Finances - Discussing Money Matters Before Marriage

The harsh truth is that most newlywed couples have never even gone through an in-depth discussion about finances before they hit the aisle. What they don't know is that more often than not, financial problems are the biggest cause of fights and miscommunication, and just down the road to that is divorce. So if your lady is hearing wedding bells and you're thinking of settling down with the woman of your dreams, then it's a go signal for talking about the future including the 'money talk'. Be very careful to approach the subject though, because if it's done right it could be a great help for the two of you, but if not, it might just be a huge turn off and a deal breaker.

All financial issues are important to deal with before you marry: assets, credits, loans, debts (especially debts!), and other legal binding contracts. Start by procuring copies of your assets and savings, and don't be embarrassed when discussing debts. Get your latest credit reports and talk to each other about your concerns or what the next best step should be.
How do you pay for the wedding reception and honeymoon? Because the three just don't magically appear along with the ceremony itself. Weddings, whether it be grand or small, is an occasion that both of you should pay attention to when it comes to costs and limits. Due to the recent crisis and economic downturn, so many people look down on couples who spend so much on a wedding. It's a real waste to have a cakes, decors, suits and dresses that can set you back on thousands of dollars, when you can use it in some way that will give you and your budding family a solid foundation on finances. It's best to consider how much you can seriously spend without aggravating other problems like previous loans and other unpaid bills.
A marriage is a celebration of true love joining together... but it's also a coming together of finances and assets as well. Try as we may, we just can't remove the financial facts of the two people involved, as from now on until death do them part, they are going to share and share alike. Though they say pre-nups are an incredibly touchy subject, it shouldn't come as a surprise and should be taken into serious consideration. So whoever brings the subject up, remove the nagging thought that it's an "insult" to the relationship (pre-nups are a major mood killer.) or that it's a pessimist thought that your union will dissolve in a divorce. Appreciate the fact that it is a practical idea.

Remember that you're ultimately going to spend the rest of your life with this person, so it's important that communication is paramount. Many soon-to-be-wedded couples belatedly realize there are money matters that have long-term consequences. Marriage is a partnership, discuss your financial goals, bank accounts and savings. Work on your life together!